J.Costa Pulley XMAX Variator


Made in Spain
We present you New generation of Jcosta variators, PRO series with Press-Depress revolutionary technique of rollers and heat sink.
-Improvement in: Smoother performance. Better aerodynamics. Weight reduction (inertial control). Higher refrigeration allowing less temperature due to the new variator design with sink. Higher quality for all components of speed control, higher durability and less maintenance.
-We get: Faster operation. Higher reaction on the throttle Press-Depress of the rollers. Reduction of the fuel consumption.
The new PRO speed control series, differs from version before by taking a heatsinks within the speed control in a circle provided with projections, between rollers area and bushing area. The rollers cavities are holed for the Press-Depress effect making them to act more quickly and smoothly both at the entrance to a higher gear as the output of a lower gear showing no jumps, it makes the air as fluid dynamic to help the rollers to emerge or be collected faster without increasing fuel consumption.

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