CBR250RR vs R25 vs NINJA250FI | Honda x Yamaha x Kawasaki

by | Jan 15, 2017 | Our Product, Our Work, Review, Vlog, Youtube

Our triple vlog today involved three 250cc from various of brands, range from Honda’s CBR250RR, Yamaha’s R25 and Kawasaki’s Ninja250FI; we test it out for a daily ride for some coffee break and some nice slices of pizzas.

Muhammad Fauzan with Sena 10C | CBR250RR then R25
Dennis Suryana with Sena 20S | Ninja250FI then CBR250RR
Martin Lay with Sena 20S | R25 then Ninja250FI

CBR250RR with R9 Austin Carbon Full System Exhaust
R25 with Scorpion GP Full System Exhaust
Brembo, Ohlins, Domino,
Ninja250FI with MGP Full System Exhaust (Layz Pipe Header)
Brembo, Domino,

We tested all bikes but,.. your taste in design will eventually the one who decided it, the rest, just simply unique handling and other perspective from various individuals. Try it, love it, buy it, mod it!