Nyobain SENA 10C BY FAUZAN CBR250RR ALL NEW R9 Austin Carbon

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WOGH! OJAN NGEVLOG BROOO! Moh. FAUZAN GITU LOHHH! Vlog Pertamanya Fauzan, Owner of Captain America Z800, R25 Indonesia, FU Lakers and Nmax Jordan. Fauzan pertama kali nyobain CBR250RR All New pake knalpot R9 Full Titanium Carbon Austin, ternyata MANTAP JIWA (MANTAP SOUL) Total Control, seperti kata Honda.

Sena 10C mounted on AGV Pista VR46 Project V2 owned by Moh. Fauzan (baru beli banget, anget anget dari oven, nyam)

All New CBR250RR Layz Motor R9 Austin Carbon Full

SENA 10C Available at Layz Motor


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